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Colección Trail running

More than running, exploring

Trainers for men and women

At ATOM we manufacture indoor and outdoor sports shoes to help you reach your maximum performance, whatever your level. Discover our new models of trail running, hiking and trekking shoes. Enjoy nature with the greatest safety and comfort.

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Our excellent commitment to Trail Running

A good pair of running shoes is essential for trail running. They not only serve to cushion and protect your feet, but also absorb impacts and keep you stable on the ground. In the ATOM online shop we can offer you the best models of technical trail running shoes designed to improve your performance and give you confidence.


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  • Performance and commitmentaddremove

    Where is the end? The stars, the universe... We don't know. Better focus on the beginning. It all starts with an atom, the smallest amount of matter. Gather a few atoms and imagine all your goals achieved, all the effort, suffering and perseverance to achieve your goals. The matter, the whole, the whole. That's right, that's Atom.

  • Our visionaddremove

    Atom was born to improve your sports performance and comfort. We work to achieve excellent, innovative and exclusive sports footwear. With some Atom on your feet, all you have to worry about is yourself, suffering and feeling the way, enjoying the sport and planning your goals. We will take care of your feet and help you achieve your goals.

  • Your sports allyaddremove

    Stopping is not going to be an option. Created with the best materials, the Atom shoes combine innovation and comfort. Light, resistant and breathable, they are designed for all types of athletes. The perfect option for athletes looking to take their qualities to a new level.

  • Investment and developmentaddremove

    One of the fundamental pillars of Atom is research and development. Investment in these areas makes Atom a long-lasting and solid bet. In addition, our commitment to quality requires us to set higher standards than normal, projecting our ideas into modern and current designs. A sustainable and respectful project.

  • Originsaddremove

    Our origins stem from Fluchos, our mother company. There is no better endorsement than a company with more than 60 years of history that has always put comfort, design and innovation first. Atom, despite being an independent and new brand, has the experience of its parent company.


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